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How to Prepare Recorded Audio Tracks for Mixing
Rules for Proper Gain Structure and Optimum Signal Chart
Adam's iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced Mini Guide
Proper Recording Levels - Sony PCM-1610 Brochure (look at the meters with +20dB of headroom!)
A link to the Pro Tools 11 looking REAPER theme that I've been using in recent videos
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra RightMark Audio Analyzer test results (ignore Stereo crosstalk, the channel was not working)

Videos (that couldn't be on YouTube for one reason or another)
Note: A GOOD media player such as VLC is required to play these video files.

Acustica Audio Magenta EQ Plugin Review
Arrangement Analysis - "NO" by Meghan Trainor
Arrangement Analysis - "I Knew You Were Trouble" by Taylor Swift
Microphone Placement Is Crucial When Recording / Tracking
Mix Analysis - "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette
Mix Analysis - "Enter Sandman" by Metallica
Mix Analysis - "Almost Easy" by Avenged Sevenfold Part 1, Part 2
Mix Analysis - "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park

Professional Guitar Arrangement Ideas for Songwriting
Professional Lead Vocal Sound Effects
Remastering Linkin Park's "Guilty All the Same"
Remastering The Pretty Reckless' "Take Me Down"
Why Modern Music Sounds Bad (uncensored)

High resolution audio files from videos
Require a FLAC decoder/player. We recommend VLC Media Player

Acusticaudio Navy channel strip Raw Files
Analog Tape Sample Rate Files: Original, Elysia, Telefunken, Studer
Audient iD14 Burr Brown Converters Test
Audient iD14 2019 Review Tests
BaxterEQ Review

DMG Audio EQuilibrium - Mix (music is by Matt Pless off his album "Alarm Clock Time Bomb")
DMG Audio EQuilibrium - Acoustic Guitar
DMG Audio EQuilibrium - Bass Guitar
DMG Audio EQuilibrium - Electric Guitar
DMG Audio EQuilibrium - Drums

Electro-Voice N/D767 Microphone Raw Sample
FabFilter Pro-DS On
FabFilter Pro-DS Off
FabFilter Pro-DS (Digitalfishphones Spitfish) (screenshot of settings)

Gibson Firebird X Demo - AES 2011 NYC dry track
IK Multimedia Tape Machine Collection Samples
iZotope RX 2 vs. Big Industrial Fan

JoeCo Cello Files

Zip 1: Cello vs. iD14, Cello vs. J48, Top+ Comparison and all Rightmark Tests
Zip 2: Converter Degradation Loopback Tests, Raw Music Recordings, Reliability testing, Toy Ukulele and a SPDIF test.
Zip 3: Noise recordings at various sample rates
Zip 4: 384 kHz Recordings (voice, bass guitar and acoustic guitar)

LoudMax Review
Microphone Placement - SM57 solo track (Evanescence - Going Under used for educational purposes)
Offline Audio Mixing bit depth and sampling rate comparison raw track
Offline Audio Mixing Extra no oversampling comparison raw track
Radial J48 Direct Box vs. Line Input raw tracks
Redline Equalizer On (Clip of Matt Pless' "Boomerang")
Redline Equalizer Off (Clip of Matt Pless' "Boomerang")

Reverb Stress Test - Claps, Snaps and Keys
Reverb Stress Test - epicVerb
Reverb Stress Test - IK Classik Studio Reverb
Reverb Stress Test - Kjaerhus Classic Reverb
Reverb Stress Test - LexiconLXP
Reverb Stress Test - ValhallaRoom
Reverb Stress Test - Waves IR-L

sE Electronics sE2200 FLAC samples
sE Electronics sE7 FLAC samples
sE Electronics V7 X FLAC samples

Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines vs. a real Studer A800 tape machine
Waves H-EQ Overview/Review
Waves H-EQ - Acoustic Guitar
Waves H-EQ - Bass Guitar
Waves H-EQ - Drum Overheads
Waves H-EQ - Kick Drum
Waves H-EQ - Snare Drum
Zildjian Hi-Hat Shootout

Adam's Gear*

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Microphone Pop Screen
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